We run this inner dialogue that we want what we haven’t achieved yet or don’t know how to get yet. We attempt to believe and convince ourselves that we are worthy and enough.
We create “goals” and “vision boards” hoping that we can manifest the lifestyle of our dreams, yet we innately doubt.
We put people on pedestals and believe that because they are “successful” financially we must learn from them, for they must know something we don’t.
We magnetise to these strong ego influences because we believe they are worthy and deserving and again we wonder why we are not.

Innately we know we are a teacher camouflaged as the student and in so many ways we feel we already know this “stuff” yet we continue to buy into the belief that we don’t know enough yet to be valuable and instead become “information junkies” looking for the next high, the next injection of hope. Feeling that if we immerse ourselves into their world, their way of doing for long enough, it will somehow rub off onto us and therefore we can have it too.

Our ego screams at us and fills us with beliefs that once we achieve that next thing we will be happy or better yet, we too will “arrive at the success station.”
The distance between where we are and where they are highlights the work that must be done and so we justify the need to strive and learn.
Yet deep within our souls, we shut out what it is we truly want and who we truly are.

We begin to distance ourselves from those we believe “don’t get it” and buy into the belief that we must surround ourselves with WHO we want to be like. Yet in doing this we often miss the magic that lies before us.

The ones we place on the pedestals, the ones we idolise, we read their stories and hear them speak of the journey they have travelled to get to where they are. We resonate with all they have been through.
They inject hope and excitement and limitlessness into us as we tell ourselves, “If they can do it, we can too.”

But when is it time to start telling your story?
When is it time to stop the adrenaline rush of being the “information junkie” and step away from the learning and into meaningful action?
When is it time to fully plug into YOUR purpose and start LIVING the dream for yourself?

Everything we see before us is a projection our brain creates, based on our filters, perceptions, thoughts and beliefs. What we see before us is a hologram of what we BELIEVE is reality, when in fact it is simply a creation of our past choices. “What we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.”

Let’s entertain the thought, that our reality is simply a projection that we create from our own innate thoughts and beliefs, and our past choices always result in a consequence. Let’s also become aware that old patterning will conjure up the same outcome time and time again and as the saying goes, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

So why is it then that we so drawn to those we deem different to us?
What is it that fascinates us so much about other peoples “reality” and why do we find it so mystical and out of reach?

If you were to look at your life like a movie, a movie that you were watching as an observer, the reason we are so attracted to the movie that “others” are playing is because we want in on the reality they are projecting. We want to grab our bucket of popcorn and sit front and centre beside them because it FEELS like we are in it. We get to immerse and believe and FEEL what it IS to BE that.

Then the urge shows up that we must “hang around” different people, yet it isn’t because we love them any less, it is because we have hung around them forever and their movies are no longer exciting to us. They’re old hat.
We have watched them 1000 times over, we have laughed, we have cried, we have celebrated and yet the movie stays the same.
It’s predictable, never changing and so we come to the fork in the road and we want a new adventure, we want to challenge our reality and so we look for other peoples “movies” to entertain us.
We begin to unconsciously notice what others are projecting and when it is more exciting then our own “reality” we become intrigued by what they are doing and we want a taste of it.

But here is the kicker, if everything you SEE is a projection of your own internal filters, then YOU are the one who creates their movie too.
Think about that …
You cannot see what they see, unless it exists in you. You LIKE them because they are LIKE you. When you fully immerse and sit with that, you will realise that it isn’t THEM you want to be like, it is the parts of YOU that they remind you already exists.
We become so busy trying to create these new “stories” or “scripts” for our lives, that we become ignorant to the one we are already in.
We don’t realise that the “story” or “reality” that we have created, has been created for a reason.
For within our story, lies the answers we have been seeking.

Your story is your map, your puzzle.
Every piece is significant and holds immense power. You just need to learn how to read it from a different perspective.

You will never be like anyone else. Celebrate that.
You were never supposed to be.
All the time you spend in someone else’s movie, means you are not being present in your own.
You think you are learning and you are, but there is a fine line we dance between believing we are not enough and being ALL IN on our journey.
It is time now to stop projecting your time and energy into OTHER peoples stories and a reality that you DON’T WANT, and instead focus on what is NEXT for you and spend the rest of your life LIVING the reality you desire.

You have within you a power so great and your unique innate gifts and talents are your golden ticket.

Stop searching externally and trying to be who you are NOT.
For the world desperately needs you as you ARE……

Love Em xx

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