Dear Soul Purpose Seeker,

I will NOT try to sell you into this transformational Awakening Program, instead I will simply tell you who it IS for and who it is NOT for.


  • Couples who want MORE.
  • People who are tired of the old cycles and patterns that seem to be on repeat and are ready to step into greatness.
  • You often have ‘inspired moments’ that you are not sure what to do with or how to execute.
  • You have been hitting your upper limits and want to learn the secret sauce to getting yourself on track once and for all.
  • You want life to be simple and meaningful.
  • You are ready to commit to a 12 week online program of life-changing shifts and massive actionable steps.
  • You ARE ready to MASTER change in your own life so that you can live your life on PURPOSE with confidence and clarity.
  • You are either an entrepreneur, business owner, professional, coach OR someone who feels “stuck” yet KNOWS there is a deeper calling attempting to rise up within them.
  •  You are looking to expand because life is good, but you KNOW there is MORE.
  • You are ready to make REAL GROWTH happen once and for all!
  • You are over the pendulum swing that sways between doubt and fear and confidence and clarity.
  • You are SO wishing for the frustrating highs and lows to end so you can experience focused, pure expansion and growth, and FINALLY feel like you have direction and meaning.
  • You KNOW that by experiencing it for yourself, you can then in turn lead others to the same destination and THAT is what truly fills you up.


  • People who LOVE drama and want to be rescued.
  • Those who have ‘tried everything’ yet still haven’t taken responsibility for their own choices and therefore the consequences they continually receive.
  • People with clinically diagnosed mental health issues or psychological problems. (I am not a psychologist or counsellor and have great honour and respect for the seriousness of this field of work.)
  • People who are in it for the wrong reasons and want to bag out other mentors, coaches or programs. (Gossip doesn’t fly around here. Just love and support from a tribe of awakened women.)

 Oh and a few more things! You will be required to show up consistently, and implement all that you learn in REAL time. You MUST share your experiences and be involved with our tribe (who are other awakened humans just like you will be soon, in our private groups) so that you have the BEST experience possible in order to receive the greatest transformation.

Oh and we will ask you to celebrate your phenomenal shifts with us as they happen and become REALLY excited about life!

Ready to take action? Here is what happens next.

You click the button below, fill out the quick form and book in a ten minute triage call. (If you DON’T book in a time, I will not follow you up just so you know. I will expect YOU to email me if there are any issues.)

Once we chat and both decide that we are a perfect fit, (sometimes we are not but I promise that I will send you in the right direction if that’s the case), we schedule your application call and we get you set up! Woo hoo!

​Imagine the possibilities and expansion that awaits you……