Now that you know you are not broken, what are you doing about it?
I’m calling you out. Right here, right now for playing small.

You know that in order to make a huge impact on humanity, you have to work on yourself.
You get that and you have.
You are constantly analysing and seeing the mirror of your thoughts and beliefs.
You understand that you are the only one responsible for your actions.
Yet you still play small.

You are safe.
You are liked.
You are not upsetting anyone, and that is how you like it.

What would the world think if you actually said what you were thinking out loud?
You wouldn’t, you couldn’t, no way.
And do you know why?

Because then they may not like you, they may not agree. They may think you are crazy or weird and suddenly unlikable.
Oh the horror.

Yet if you did, they no longer have permission to play small either.

You think you’re pretty alright sitting there on your high horse. Looking down.
Believing in ways, that you are better than them, that you have a higher understanding then they do.
That you have SO much to teach them, and for the teaching part, you could be right, but more enlightened, BETTER? I think not.
They have just as much to teach you, as you do them.

You see that’s your problem, you have created this beautiful illusion that you have got it going on.
And you do in a lot of ways, but what about the places that you don’t?
What about those parts of you that you don’t dare look within.
You know what I’m talking about, the parts that you hide with your illusion.
The doubt, the fear, the denial you are in about where you are really at.

The belief that you SHOULD be better.

You see, you are not broken, yet you are not perfect either.
You aren’t meant to be.
Yet you know that you are not be totally honest with yourself.

You tell them what they want to hear.
You build up a beautiful picture of how things are in the hope that they don’t see through your big beautiful smile.
Yet inside, you know you are SO capable of setting the world on fire, but you’re not.

So why aren’t you?

Those big ass dreams of yours, the stuff, the experiences, the adventures, why aren’t you living them with no limitations?
Why are you still buying into your own bullshit?

It will be ok, as long as you keep up the facade …. they wont know.

But they do know.

You are continually attracting more and more people into your life, just like you who believe the same thing and are playing the same game.

It’s perfect. It’s the way of the universe.

You live your days immersed with people who have big hearts, a supportive nature and are fricking petrified to live their truth.

But as long as you play small together, you will all feel better about the big ass elephant in the room.
Your truth.
What you really think and what you really want to say.

And that is to, “STOP PLAYING SMALL!”

It is time to be so brutally honest. To drop the veil of denial and to have a good hard look at your life and say OUT LOUD, “NO, I’m not happy with ……(insert area of your life here)…..and I am READY to do something about it!!”

I don’t have the time, I don’t have the money, not right now, I’m not sure, I have to ask hubby.
You are SCARED of change.
You are petrified of who you have to be IF you step up, because when you do, everything changes.

What you are really saying (when you buy into your excuses) is “No thanks, I don’t want to play a bigger game yet and step into my magic. I just want to dream about it. But thanks, I’ll call you later.”

That just wont do!
No more years are going to pass without me stepping up. (I can’t expect you to if I don’t)
Physically, mentally, emotionally and financially I AM ready to internally commit to massive growth, in EVERY area of my life.

I am ready to STEP out of denial and be brutally honest about my big ass elephant.
That part of me that infiltrates every thought, every experience, every event and KEEPS ME PLAYING SMALL.

Cause seriously the alternative to that? Can you BE any more selfish?
Look at the life you miss out on otherwise.
Look at the life your children miss out on otherwise.
Look at the life your followers miss out on otherwise.
Look at the life your grandchildren miss out on otherwise.

Are you REALLY that in love with your denial? Or are you ready to break the cycle and step into your TRUTH.
To embody it, to BE it, to LIVE it and to FINALLY make an impact?


Afterword: (Now over to you, the first part was about me yet, I KNOW you resonated)

If you don’t like this message and it makes you so incredibly uncomfortable you want to unfriend me, go ahead, that’s perfect and I wish you well beautiful soul.

If you are nodding your head and thinking “Yep, she just called me out”, then let’s play.

In order for me to step up, I must call out my tribe.

The change makers, the women who know that deep within them is fire and purpose.

You KNOW you have a higher calling and you are sick and tired of playing small.

You are ready to get so uncomfortable in growth and expansion that it frightens the hell out of you yet excites you and lights you up like never before.

You have been searching for your tribe, searching for those that ‘get’ you, that understand where you are at, and are willing to support you and rise with you hand in hand, and who are READY to quit playing small!

You don’t have to know what your “Purpose” or “Soul Mission” is, that is my magic, I can help you with that, you just have to know that you have one. That the everyday mundane societal mould doesn’t fit you, and there MUST be a better way.

And while we are speaking our TRUTH, I have another revelation for you.

This is HUGE (for me) and has been hidden for a very long time.

I have an ability to connect you with your lost loved ones. I have a unique gift, that allows me to hear their wisdom and this wisdom connects you deeply into your calling.
This gift I have hidden for decades (as I was petrified).
I believed that if I told people the truth, they would think I was strange, or would chastise me for ‘charging’ for it.

So if you are one of the hundreds of women (yes hundreds) who have lost someone, and have felt strangely pulled to connect with me (and you have), and you haven’t known why, that is it.
That is why.

Your loved ones are waiting for you to connect with them, so you can do the work you came here to do and heal your heart from the hurt. That is my gift.

They bring you to me. They always have. They have done that for over a decade now and I have chosen my safety over your growth.

I am sorry that my fear has kept you from them.
I am sorry that my fear has kept you playing small.
I am sorry that my fear has kept you from deeply plugging into your healing and therefore LIVING your truth.
I am deeply, deeply sorry and it will never happen again.

So now it’s your turn.
All I am asking from you today is FIRSTLY to accept the truth that you too, have been playing small. Simply comment with the hashtag #nomoreplayingsmall

SECONDLY let’s get on a call.
Let’s talk about it, you and I. Let’s go there!
Reveal your truth to me, and let’s play a bigger game together.

Click below to schedule our chat (or inbox me). You are not allowed to hesitate by the way, just do it.
No more playing small remember.
We have magic to create xx

​Love Em xx

It is time to play a bigger game and unleash your magic!! Click below to schedule our chat NOW!


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