We buy into our beliefs and we therefore accept them as truth, when in fact we ARE in control and always have been.
We take on and allow the thoughts and beliefs that “society” places on us and enrol ourselves in them, believing that these outcomes are inevitable. Never truly knowing that the thoughts hold no power unless we let them.
It is easier to let them.
It is easier to accept that life and consequence, is out of our control due to collective consciousness and what the majority believe.

If so many believe, if so many have strived for success and failed, then it must be hard and it must be bigger than us.
We ask disempowered questions like “How do I” instead of taking control and asking the question of “What do I have to do next.”
We convince ourselves that the answers are out there and that someone else, external to us holds all the answers to this quest we are seeking.

We place people on pedestals, believing that there is something about them that doesn’t exist in us. That we have to “get” something and then we will be “happy” or “successful” or “wealthy”, as if we are not now.
We fail to see that the current version of ourselves is enough and is worthy of our dreams and aspirations.
The truth is, there is always a better version of our selves and that is when the game becomes exciting and scary all at the same time.

However we can’t become a better version of something if we don’t acknowledge honour and accept the current version.
We constantly shift the anchor point and buy into the belief that it’s never good enough or that we are not there yet. We must honour our current self and how far we have come and continually celebrate it.

How often do you find yourself dreaming about the future? The destination?
Thinking the thoughts of “When this happens I’ll be,” only to find yourself at the precipice of change fearing the unknown.
What if it’s not the unknown you are fearing but your better version of self?

We aren’t things or material accomplishments, we simply ARE.
So if it isn’t the outcomes, the tangible rewards we fear, what is it?

It is our better version of self.

Imagine for a moment WHO you currently are.
Where you live, the car you drive, the lifestyle you live, the people that surround you every day.
Your past self MADE these choices and your current self has to live with the consequences of these choices, regardless of wether they are positive or negative.
So if that is the case, as we look into the future and towards our “dreams”, it becomes clear that we MUST begin making choices TODAY that honour our FUTURE self, and in order to do that we must BE IT NOW.

We must operate from the “thinking” and the “beliefs” OF your future self.
You see if you don’t change anything and you continue to make the choices based on your CURRENT thoughts and beliefs, your future self will be EXACTLY the same as your CURRENT self. Therefore your future looks exactly the same as your PRESENT life does now. The cycle continues, like a well-trained servant delivering you what you have asked for, again and again and again.

We say we want to break through the glass ceiling, but do we?
It has always intrigued me when people use the words “I can’t afford it.”
Don’t get me wrong, it is one thing to be living in the consequence of your past self and to NOT have cash-flow, (based on past choices) but it is another to say “I am not willing to grow or to back myself. I am not willing to commit and do whatever it takes to support my future self, starting NOW, by consciously making a NEW choice in this moment.”
Because that is what is really being said, isn’t it?

“It’s not growth if you’re comfortable.”

What is your dream? You know the one you allow yourself to entertain in your mind occasionally, before you shoot it down with your “reality” filters.
What is that dream? The one that feels so unimaginable yet so amazing all at once.

Dear Dreamer,

Stop worrying about what other people think. We have an incredible life to live. Start making NEW choices for me.

Love Your Future Self.

What is it you want?
If you were to close your eyes and go to the place and feeling of “It is done.” What have you achieved?
Who are you BEING?
What does it LOOK like?
What does it FEEL like?

Go there today, find a quiet moment, close your eyes and say “It is done.”
Then allow your minds eye to take you on a journey. Immerse in the surroundings and the feelings.
Feel, see, smell, taste and hear all that is for you when “It is done.”

If you can dream it, you can achieve it.
Your future self needs you NOW, to start making the choices that serve your dreams.
For then your “dreams” ARE your future consequences, isn’t that nice.

It really is that simple.
Now what are you going to choose to do differently first?

​Love Em xx

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