I love awakening our greatest versions of self. It is liberating, empowering and incredibly rewarding. 

I had spent over a decade building a career in the direct selling industry, yet couldn’t shake the feeling that there had to be MORE to life. I was a young married mum, on the verge of having it all, yet deep within my soul I knew that I wasn’t operating at my full potential. I also knew that the path I had chosen, this ego fuelled race to be the BEST, was burning me out and was no longer a fit for who I was or what I stood for.Throughout my journey of mentoring and empowering women, I became fascinated by my (and others) inability to be my authentic self. I became curious as to why we as women, had these differing beliefs, limitations and thoughts when it came to how we showed up within our lives.

This then led me down a path of self discovery as I studied the Science of the Human Brain and Human Behaviour, and embarked on a Spiritual Journey of Consciousness like no other. This in turn led me to learning and studying the many processes and tools that would unlock human potential once and for all.

Q. What led you to creating your unique business?
A. I knew what it was like to feel stuck, lost and questioning if this was really all that life had to offer me. After undertaking the ‘hero’s journey’ myself, I realised that my journey was unique (as our journeys are) and that no one was offering the knowledge and wisdom I had collated as a tool for growth. I quickly realised just how passionate I was about helping others reach the outcomes that I had reached, and therefore my passion for emotional wealth, was born.

Q. Why do you only work with women and why the fascination with the human brain and human behaviour?
A. Working with women in the direct selling industry, connected me deeply with the emotional turmoil we go through as women. For such a long time I thought I was the only one! The battle and the struggle of not feeling good enough, or doubting our innate gifts and abilities ignited my passion to discover how we could lift our unique veils of limitations and therefore allow ourselves to fully step into our power. I realised that as women, we have an innate need to do something of meaning. To discover our ‘purpose’ in life and truly make a difference.

Q. What makes what you do and your outcomes so unique?
A. I have walked this path first. I have been in the trenches, I have seen the depths of darkness and discovered ways to overcome them, FIRST. There is nothing that I teach or ask of my clients, that I haven’t in fact experienced first hand myself. I believe this allows my clients and I to have a very open, vulnerable, honest and trusting relationship, which is key to any transformational journey.

Q. Who is Emma Priestly?
A. I am a country girl at heart, raised in Tamworth NSW. I am a happily married mother of 3 sons. I enjoy spending quality time with my family, we camp a LOT. You will usually find me wherever there is fun, laughter and a good time to be had. I love people and am quite the extrovert. Being active gives me energy. With three sons, there is never a dull moment in our household!

Q. What is it that you have studied or have become qualified in over the years to be able to offer these transformations?
A. I have spent the past 7 years studying and becoming qualified in an array of processes and modalities including Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Guided Meditations, Energy Healing, Epi-Genetics, The Science of the Human Brain and Human Behaviours, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy amongst others. The most influential however has been the Study of Spiritual and Human Consciousness.

And now…..
Fast forward to today, I run online programs for women globally, that are specifically designed to Awaken their Authentic Self and in turn their Soul Missions. My programs are for women who know they are destined for greatness. They have a longing to serve others and are compelled to make a difference – even if they don’t know what that is just yet. Their real purpose of this journey, is to fully unveil their greatest version of self.

They are driven and determined to end the past patterns and cycles and SHOW up in a way they have never had the courage to do before. They are longing to commit to excellence in every area of their life and to serve a higher purpose, so that they THRIVE (while allowing others to thrive with them).

Many women spend years and years stuck in the same situation and the cost of this to them – both personally and financially – is substantial. The results that the right women get by going through my programs and applying the lessons are outstanding and life changing.

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