Why It's Not Your Fault You're Unhappy, BUT It Is Your Responsibility To Change Your Future!

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What My Wonderful Awakened Clients Say

  • I felt lost and alone.... "Em helped me find myself as I truly am. It is only once you have 'Awakened' yourself, that you can truly know how to live your life to it's fullest."

    Anni Hillerman
  • I was in a failure funk .... "Since working with Emma my life has changed dramatically. The day I stopped over thinking and started doing was the day I really started living. Life now has a brand new meaning! I’ve found the original me…"

    Kelly Rigg

Hi I'm Emma,

I work with incredible humans, just like you who are wanting MORE! I run online programs for men and women, that are specifically designed to awaken your authentic self and in turn your soul purpose. We have a mission to help conscious couples raise the next generation of authentic leaders. To help parents and guardians powerfully lead by example and preserve the sanctity of families and futures globally. Our programs are for people who know they are destined for greatness. They have a longing to serve others and are compelled to make a difference - even if they don't know what that is just yet. Their real purpose of this journey, is to fully unveil their greatest version of self and powerfully lead by example. They are driven and determined to end the past patterns and cycles and SHOW up in a way they have never had the courage to do before. They are longing to commit to excellence in every area of their life and to serve a higher purpose, so that they THRIVE (while allowing others, including their children, to thrive with them). Many people spend years and years stuck in the same situation and the cost of this to them - both personally and financially - is substantial. The results that the right people get by going through my programs and applying the lessons are outstanding and life changing.
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